Teufelberger-Redaelli impresses with its 7-strand Solitec® Max7.

Over the years, more than 130 lenghts of 7-strand wire ropes have been successfully installed and put into operation. The 7-strand construction has been further improved by an additional development with the technology of Solitec® profile supports.

The extremely positive performance has been well proven by a recent mathematically modelled vibration analysis by RICAM and Mathconsult. The study showed that vibration intensity was dramatically reduced by up to 38%.

The strength of Solitec® Max7 is especially important for extremely stressed ropeways, where the ropes are used for several hours a day, many days a year and are fatigued with many bending cycles. For the ropeway’s operator, this concerns the longest possible service life, which is optimally supported by the higher number of strands in the Solitec® Max7. It is essential to maximise service life and maintenance freedom. The Solitec® Max7 is therefore primarily suitable for urban and tourism applications, as well as for short alpine ropeways.

The Solitec® Max7 is not only easy to handle in comparison with other wire rope solutions, but also has some unique advantages. The relatively thinner strands facilitate splicing and thus support precision. In addition, the Solitec® Max7 has a 30% reduction in surface pressure on the winding material, which reduces wear.

Apart from design, comfort and quiet running are two of the most important features directly perceived by the end user of a ropeway, whether urban or alpine. The 38% reduction in vibration intensity from the Solitec® Max7 significantly increases both.

Seven strands make a rounder circle than six. The distance between strands is smaller and not as deep and is kept unchanged using synthetic plastic profiles, which also generate good frictional resistance.