TEUFELBERGER receives award for Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

For the second time, TEUFELBERGER has been awarded the seal of approval for its Workplace Health Promotion program. This award granted by the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion is presented to enterprises which put a lot of effort into promoting the health of their employees

WHAT exactly is Workplace Health Promotion - briefly referred to as WHP?

Workplace Health Promotion is a modern corporate strategy with the objective of preventing sickness at the workplace, strengthening health and improving wellbeing among employees, as well as fostering employee loyalty.

To get this award, a company has to meet a great many criteria regarding health promotion, advanced training and sports activities for employees, occupational safety, accident control, etc. We are very happy and proud that TEUFELBERGER has met these criteria again and has been granted this award, valid until 2020.