Trolley ropes

Trolley ropes for tower cranes, ship to shore cranes, and ship unloaders

Depending on the application, trolley ropes can be either 6-strand ropes such as our 114 S, or 8-strand ropes such as the models many of our customers rely on. Thus, our product range of trolley ropes extends from 8-strand non-compacted ropes such as EVOLUTION Q812F, to our EVOLUTION Q8, a rope with compacted outer strands and a slightly compacted core, to our EVOLUTION QS816V, a steel wire rope with extremely high compaction properties.


Our 114 S is often used as trolley rope on tower cranes.

In harbors - mainly on ship to shore cranes and ship unloaders - the high performance steel wire ropes EVOLUTION Q812F, EVOLUTION Q8, and EVOLUTION QS816V are used.


Renowned crane manufacturers rely on the quality of Teufelberger-Redaelli when picking these non-rotation resistant trolley ropes. Efficient work is possible only if the trolley is exactly in the right position. To ensure this, selecting the right rope is critical.


Find our range of trolley ropes for specific applications:

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