Guide ropes

Guide ropes for mining

Teufelberger-Redaelli produces special guide ropes for drum hoists, Blair hoists, and friction (Koepe) hoists to allow high hoisting rates for skips and cages.


Guide ropes of steel are an inexpensive and reliable device to safely guide skips and cages, since rope guides, other than fixed metal guides, can be installed easily and quickly.


The guide ropes used in mining are half-locked and full-locked steel wire ropes. Key properties of these high performance steel wire ropes are:

  • Smooth outer surface of the rope and therefore low friction
  • Big outer wires (increasing the lifetime in terms of wear)
  • Relatively high stiffness
  • Low rope elongation ensuring increased system reliability and safety

Apart from the rope quality, the service life of the steel wire guide ropes depends also on the respective conditions of use (e.g. working depth, air humidity, hoisting rate, number of hoisting cycles per year, various corrosive influences). The service life of the rope will usually be between 4 and 20 years.


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