Our SOLITEC® offers a multitude of advantages!


— Construction: compacted and uncompacted, as well as bright and galvanized

✔ Durable plastic compound core

Our SOLITEC® offers a multitude of advantages! It excels with its low-vibration properties and its dimensional stability along its length due to the inserted support profiles. It is the ideal carrying-hauling rope for unidirectional monocable ropeways and the perfect haul rope for use on unidirectional multicable ropeways, reversible aerial ropeways, and funicular railways.

✔ Long service life
✔ Little vibration due to perfect uniform rope geometry
✔ Stable clamping characteristics for ropeway vehicles thanks to the rope’s construction

Haul rope for:

  • 2S/3S (Bicable/tricable) ropeway
  • Reversible aerial ropeway
  • Funitel/Funicular
  • Funicular railway

Carrying-hauling rope for:

  • Gondola ropeway
  • Chairlift
  • Surface lift
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