GD10 Hoadlbahn I & II

  • Austria

  • Austria

A new gondola lift is built over two sections up to a new top terminal which is being erected right next to the so-called Hoadl-Haus. The GD10 “Hoadlbahn” gondola lift features 75 Diamond EVO 10-passenger cabins. It comprises three Pininfarina-designed premium terminals and runs over a total length of 2,030 meters. The DirectDrive system developed by Leitner will ensure even greater sustainability, less maintenance, and optimum noise reduction.

Key facts

Haul rope used: SOLITEC® 6xK36WS

  • Length: 4,980 m
  • Rope diameter: 56 mm
  • Weight: 50 t

Key facts project

  • Ropeway type: Gondola ropeway

  • Year of construction and delivery: 2022
  • Customer: Leitner AG

Scope of project

  • Cable system supply and splice