When it comes to packaging bales and securing them for transport, the joint strength of the strapping is what matters most. Especially when you transport pressed bales – like in the Fiber industry, a high tension is essential. Minimal elongation and high stiffness ensure that strapped goods retain their desired dimensions even over extended periods of storage.

  • high weld strength
  • high retained tension
  • minimal elongation during transport & storage

When transporting the bales, the strap should not burst at the welding. Here, the quality of the straps are an essential decision criteria.

  1. TYCOON® XTend

    TYCOON® XTend

    Polyester strapping, 16 - 32 mm (5/8” - 1 1/4") wide, for extremely challenging types of use that require increased edge and welding joint stren...
  2. TYCOON® XTend Sigma

    TYCOON® XTend Sigma

    Smooth polyester strapping, 9 - 32 mm (3/8” - 1 1/4") wide, for extremely demanding applications involving the use of Signode® strapping mac...
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