New Paddings for treeMOTION Pro and Essential now available!

Are you sweating a lot while climbing? We have the solution for you!

Our new breathable padding is ideal for people working in hot conditions. The polyester mesh of the padding lets the air circulate so one can also enjoy climbing even during hot summer days. In addition, it looks really cool and can be changed easily.


  • Polyester mesh for optimal air circulation
  • Comes with leg loop paddings
  • Easily exchangable

It pinches and tweaks and your waist buckle just seems to be in the way?

That's where the Ultra comfort padding comes into play. More material has been added to the sides of the padding so that the tummy is even more protected. The fabric of the padding sort of wraps around the belly and stabilizes the whole core of the body.


  • Core stabilization because of the extra belly wrap
  • Avoids pinches and tweaks from your waist buckle
  • Easily exchangable

The paddings are available in the following sizes:

  • Small (only Breathable padding)
  • Medium
  • Large