KM Pro – the must-have rope for the rope access industry

TEUFELBERGER is proud to introduce the new KM Pro rope, which is certified to EN1891A rope and CI 1801. The rope is specifically manufactured to the needs of the rope access industry and perfectly combines price and performance.

The rope access world requires workhorse ropes with low elongation and high strength but without a “cable” feeling. KM Pro’s perfect blend of Polyester and Nylon combined with a construction rooted in that of our flagship rescue product KMIII® offers exactly that. This high-performance rope boasts exceptional strength, handling, tenacity, abrasion resistance, and low elongation, all of which are hallmarks of TEUFELBERGER products. KM Pro is specifically made for the rope access industry - at a very reasonable price point.

KM Pro, for when your life is on the line!



  • Specially made for rope access industry (e.g. tower erectors, wind industry, solar industry, fall protection, maintenance, inspections, …)
  • High strength construction
  • UV and chemical resistant sheath
  • Perfect blend of price and performance


Please find more information and technical data of KM Pro here.

Where to get it?

The following dealers have the new KM Pro already in stock: