Static Rope

KM G is an 11mm G-rated rescue rope that is NFPA certified with a rating for general use.


Standard: NFPA 2500 (1983)
Core: Nylon
Cover: Polyester
Braid: 32

Made in
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  • Grey-Red
    11 mm

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    11 mm

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    11 mm

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KM G is the latest innovation from Teufelberger, the inventors of the 11mm G-rated rope (NFPA rated for general use). We have poured decades of engineering prowess into making an 11mm G-rated rope that is so perfect, it is worthy of the Teufelberger name.

Unmatched power and precision

KM G packs a whopping 42.9 kN MBS into an 11mm rope that feels much smaller. And if that isn’t enough, it does it while delivering a category leading 1.2% elongation! Surpassing the NFPA G-rating and every 11mm G-rated rope available on the market, KM G sets a new standard. When performance matters, choose KM G to stand at the forefront.

Great performance and durability

KM G’s high strength, anti-rotational core is made of Nylon 66, giving it superior handling and knotability. We pair that with an abrasion, UV and chemical resistant sheath made of low elongation, high tenacity polyester. This construction embraces durability that refuses to compromise, ensuring your rope stands strong against the elements.

There is not a better G-rated 11mm rope available on the market!

KM G is the pinnacle of 11mm rescue ropes!



  • NFPA G-rated for general use
  • Extraordinary breaking strength
  • Very low elongation
  • Abrasion, UV and chemical resistant sheath
  • Rescue rope for two people load

Diameter Weight Minimum breaking force
Free length
mm inch daN lbf
11 7/16 85,4 5,74 42,9 9 640
Standard Diameter Elongation Approved class
1,35 kN 2,7 kN 4,4 kN
mm inch % % %
NFPA 2500 (1983) 11 7/16 1,2 2,4 4,6 General use
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