Warning! The use of our products can be dangerous. Our products shall only be used for their intended purpose. They must particularly not be used as personal protective equipment according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 or for lifting as specified in EU directive 2006/42/EC, unless explicitly stated on the product label and in the accompanying instructions for use.   

Customers shall make sure that persons using the products are familiar with their correct use and all necessary safety precautions.

Be aware of the fact that the product can cause damage if wrongly used, stored, cleaned or overloaded.

Check national safety regulations, industry recommendations, and standards for local mandatory requirements (e.g. choice of safety factors).

Unless stated differently, our suggestion for dimensioning ropes is a relation (proportion) of 1 to 5 between working and breaking load. For certain applications higher safety factors may be required. The breaking load printed on the label shows the load under which the rope would tear. The number is a maximum value reached under standardized test conditions.

Certain environmental influences (e.g. sunlight, chemicals, temperature,...) affect the technical properties of synthetic materials and of ropes made thereof. Check the ropes for wear. If yarns are damaged, we highly recommend substitution.

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