Plastics Technologist (Wels)

Apprenticeship to become a Plastics Technologist  

As a plastics technologist, you will produce strapping for Teufelberger. You will be operating manufacturing machinery and gaining further insights into research and development.


Duration:  4 years

Location: Vogelweiderstraße, Wels 

Vocational school: Steyr 

Working hours: 7.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m., every 2nd Friday until 12.00 p.m. (noon)

Apply now if ... 

    • you have completed your compulsory education by autumn 
    • you are a natural when it comes to engineering and enjoy hands-on action  
    • you are good at logic and mathematics  
    • you enjoy learning new things and are able to quickly apply new insights in practice 
    • you are punctual, reliable, and enjoy working on a team   


What you learn at Teufelberger as an apprentice plastics technologist  

You will be learning on the job and spending a large part of your apprenticeship in manufacturing, at the machines where we produce our strapping. There, you will, step by step, become familiar with all the factors to be considered in making high-quality products. Waste separation, the recycling of plastic materials, and environmental protection are also topics that will be addressed. Besides, you will gain insights into our quality management, our research and development, and our product management.

Your specific tasks include:

    • Learning the manufacturing process for the production of plastic strapping, step by step
    • Quality control of our products (strapping to secure loads, parcels, etc.)
    • Startup and setup work at the extrusion plants
    • Gaining insights into research projects and the development of new and improved products
    • Participating in maintenance and servicing work as well as operating the facilities and troubleshooting
    • Manual processing of plastics

Plastics technologist at Teufelberger – more than an apprenticeship  

Time and again, Teufelberger apprentices are also assigned special projects such as charity campaigns or climate projects. Upskilling days on which you will travel to other places with your fellow apprentices also add variety.  

Frequently asked questions  

Will I be involved in everyday operations right from the start?

Right from the second day! The first day will be your welcoming day. You will be given a personal welcome by the company management, receive a first introduction to our products and our workplace safety programs, and get to know your new colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. On the following day, your proper training will begin. You will be involved in everyday operations and be given the chance to take on responsibility.

How large is the team?

Depending on the apprenticeship year, we have about 3-7 apprentices. Each team for a shift consists of 10-12 colleagues.

Will some of my colleagues be apprentices?

Yes, there will be other apprentices on your team, and you will also interact with all of Teufelberger’s apprentices in joint projects.

Who are my trainers?

Qualified and dedicated employees from our manufacturing team will teach you all you need to know about the machinery we use. And whenever you spend some “taster time” in other departments, there will always be trained colleagues to show you the ropes.

Which vocational school will I be attending?

You will attend a vocational school in Steyr for a 10-week block.

What will my working hours be like?

From 7.00 a.m. to 3.45 p.m., including a half-hour break. Every second Friday, your work day will end at 12 p.m. (noon).

Do you have any further questions?

Your contact person:
Barbara Riess

mobile: 07242-413-8412

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