Metal Technician (Wels and St. Aegyd)

Apprenticeship to become a Metal Technician – with a focus on mechanical engineering  

Forging, welding, drilling, soldering, bending, and filing. When training as a metal technician, with a special focus on mechanical engineering, you need to have strong manual dexterity! You will make sure that the manufacturing machines continue to work smoothly and, if necessary, you will also modify or rebuild them.


Duration: 4 years

Location: Vogelweiderstraße and Böhmerwaldstraße, Wels, St. Aegyd/Lower Austria

Vocational school: Attnang 

Working hours: 7.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m., half-hour lunch break

Apply now if ... 

    • you have completed your compulsory education by autumn 
    • you are a natural when it comes to engineering and enjoy hands-on action  
    • you are good at logic and mathematics  
    • you enjoy learning new things and are able to quickly apply new insights in practice 
    • you are punctual, reliable, and enjoy working on a team   
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What you learn at Teufelberger as an apprentice metal technician with a special focus on mechanical engineering  

At first, you will undergo basic training in filing and drilling. Therefore, you should bring good manual dexterity to the table. You will also be working on lathes and milling machines where you will shape your first workpieces. In this context, it will be helpful if reading technical drawings comes easy to you. Step by step, you will get a good feel for the material. When machine malfunctions need to be rectified or scheduled modifications need to be carried out, you will accompany an experienced fitter. Every day is different, and you will always learn something new. Depending on your skills and interests, you will be assigned tasks which you perform on your own and at your own responsibility. As soon as from the second year of your apprenticeship onward, you will already be of great help to the team.

Your specific tasks include:

    • Training in metal and mechanical engineering for practical use in the manufacturing process in the event of maintenance jobs, malfunctions, and rebuilds
    • Processing and machining of metals into components in the course of repair and maintenance jobs on production machinery
    • Machining of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals with hand tools and CNC (computerized numerical control) machines
    • Familiarizing yourself with various metal processing techniques such as forging, welding, soldering, bending, filing, bonding, as well as machining methods
    • Close cooperation with our production staff

 Metal technician with a special focus on mechanical engineering at Teufelberger – more than an apprenticeship

Time and again, Teufelberger apprentices are also assigned special projects such as charity campaigns or climate projects. Upskilling days on which you will travel to other places with your fellow apprentices also add variety.  

Frequently asked questions  

Will I be involved in everyday operations right from the start?

Following your basic training (approx. two months), you will be right in the middle of things. You will accompany your colleagues to machines in the production halls, repair machine parts, and work on components that cause problems in production and need to be fixed. In the beginning, you will have to do a lot of watching, asking questions, and trying things out.

How large is the team?

The team includes nine fitters and four electricians.

Will some of my colleagues be apprentices?

Usually not in the same team, but you will be working together with other apprentices on interdepartmental projects.

Who are my trainers?

The department head is your primary point of contact for all aspects concerning your apprenticeship. You will be learning from all colleagues of the Maintenance Team. Every one of them will support you from day one.

Which vocational school will I be attending?

You will attend a vocational school in Attnang for a 10-week block.

What will my working hours be like?

From 7.00 a.m. to 3.45 p.m., including a half-hour break.

Do you have any further questions?

Your contact person:
Barbara Riess

mobile: 07242-413-8412

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