Industrial Clerk (Wels)

Apprenticeship to become an Industrial Clerk

From raw materials purchasing to logistics and accounting and on to human resources and marketing. As an industrial clerk, you prepare the ground for our production to run smoothly and for our products to be shipped out to places around the world.


Duration: 3 years

Location: Vogelweiderstraße & Böhmerwaldstraße, Wels 

Vocational school: BS 6, Linz 

Working hours: 38.5-hour weeks, flextime

Apply now if ...

    • you have completed your compulsory education by autumn
    • you enjoy working on a computer
    • languages fascinate you, your command of German is good, and you want to improve your English
    • you like to learn new things, work meticulously, and are well organized
    • you are punctual, reliable, and enjoy working on a team

Apply now - already filled for fall 2024


What you will learn at Teufelberger as an apprentice industrial clerk

As an industrial clerk, you will be working in accounting, transport logistics, and purchasing. You will also be supporting colleagues in other departments such as marketing and human resources.

Your specific tasks include:

In shipping logistics, your tasks include, e.g., invoicing, storing and retrieving pallets, and communicating with colleagues from production planning and the order team. Whenever possible, you will be spending time in the high-bay warehouse in order to see and get acquainted with the products that we make. You will also get to do some order picking on your own, that is, find the goods in the warehouse, package them, and dispatch them to places around the globe. Your general tasks also include mail distribution, customer and supplier reception, and telephone switchboard duties.

Industrial clerk at Teufelberger – more than an apprenticeship

Time and again, Teufelberger apprentices are also assigned special projects such as charity campaigns or climate projects. Upskilling days on which you will travel to other places with your fellow apprentices also add variety.

Frequently asked questions 

Will I be involved in everyday operations right from the start?

Following a theory-based induction phase – i.e., getting acquainted with our products, machinery, and raw materials – you will be given the opportunity to help schedule the production facilities.

How large is the team?

Between 6 and 10 colleagues, depending on the department to which you are assigned.

Will some of my colleagues be apprentices?

Mostly not in the same department, but you will be cooperating across departments and also have the chance to interact in joint projects.

Who are my trainers?

Your trainer will be from your respective department. He/She will be your main go-to person, colleague, and confidant all in one. Other team members will be involved in your training, as well. When working together with colleagues, you will be interacting as equals.

Which vocational school will I be attending?

You will attend the Berufsschule 6 in Linz, 1-2 times a week, or for a 10-week block.

What will my working hours be like?

In the office, you will have 38.5-hour weeks and flextime. You will coordinate your work schedule with your trainer.

Do you have any further questions?

Your contact person:
Barbara Riess

mobile: 07242-413-8412

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