Financial and Accounting Assistant (Wels)

Financial and Accounting Assistant Apprenticeship

From assisting in the preparation of various reports, cash management, payment transactions, accounts payable management as well as cooperation with our international subsidiaries to collaborating in the preparation of our annual financial statements, as a financial and accounting assistant, you will be an important team member in our accounting department right from the start.


Duration: 3 years

Location: Vogelweidestraße 50, Wels 

Vocational school: BS 6, Linz 

Working hours: 38,5 hours/week, flextime

Apply now if... 

    • you have completed your compulsory basic education in fall
    • you have a good school education and good general knowledge
    • you like computer work
    • you have a good understanding of mathematics as well as good logical thinking skills
    • you always like to learn new things and you are precise and well-organized
    • you are punctual, responsible and reliable
    • you like working in a team

Apply now - already filled for fall 2024


What you will learn at Teufelberger as a financial and accounting assistant

As a financial and accounting assistant, you will be involved in the daily processes and tasks of our accounting department right from the start.

You will start your apprenticeship directly in the accounting department where you will be learning the basics first. At the same time, you will also attend vocational school 1-2 times a week. In our company, you will be immediately able to put what you have learned at school into practice. Following your initial training phase, you will also correspond and collaborate with our international subsidiaries. You will gradually acquire useful knowledge in the fields of cash management, assets accounting and accounts payable management. You will also be able to take on part of our payment transactions. Whenever our office is inspected by our auditors, you and your team will be preparing all required data for them. All employee travel expense reports are to be checked and approved by our accounting department. You will soon be able to support the team in this task, too. Furthermore, you will be involved in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, and during your apprenticeship you will be able to gain a good understanding of our corporate structures and the inner workings of our business.

Financial and accounting assistant - it's more than just an apprenticeship

Teufelberger apprentices are also frequently assigned to special projects such as charity campaigns or climate projects. Variety will be ensured by additional training days on which you will travel out of town together with your fellow apprentices.

Frequently asked questions: 

Will I be involved in everyday operations right from the start?

Following your theoretical introductory phase, i.e., after getting to know our products, production facilities and organizations, you will take on tasks independently and work as a team member from early on.

How large is the team?

There are 13 employees in the finance department, including controlling.

Will some of my colleagues be apprentices?

We also train future industrial clerks. These apprentices rotate through various departments, so there may be two apprentices within our department. In the case of interdepartmental joint projects, you will be in contact with other apprentices as well.

Who are my trainers?

Your trainer will be your main go-to person, colleague, and confidant all in one. Other team members will be involved in your training, as well. When it comes to training and working together, we always treat each other as equals.

Which vocational school will I be attending?

You will attend vocational School 6 in Linz, 1-2 times a week or in a 10-week block.

What will my working hours be like?

In the office, you will have 38.5-hour weeks and flextime. You will coordinate your work schedule with your trainer.

Do you have any further questions?

Your contact person:
Barbara Riess

mobile: 07242-413-8412

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