“7Mine®” - Deep Shaft Mining High-Performance Hoist Rope from Teufelberger-Redaelli

Teufelberger-Redaelli has announced that it has very successfully tested its new High-Performance Hoist Rope for drum winders over the last 6 years. The 7Mine® was tested on several multi-layer drum winders in South Africa and Canada. In all cases, the new 7Mine® hoist rope was able to significantly outperform the previously used triangular strand ropes in terms of rope service life.

Furthermore, the rope showed a lot less torque and an improved rope stretch characteristic compared to triangular strand ropes. So far, the deepest shaft equipped with a 7Mine® was in South Africa with a depth of around 2300 m. The two ropes supplied were 54 mm in diameter and had a length of 2700 m each. Teufelberger-Redaelli developed this new high-performance rope to replace triangular strand ropes without any downsides in terms of rope weight and breaking strength. The rope will help mines to improve the productivity of their existing systems by using a modern state-of-the art high-performance hoist rope. Based on the extremely positive field tests, Teufelberger-Redaelli is convinced that it has now a high-performance rope in its mining portfolio which can be perfectly used in the deepest mines on earth.