Working cowboys have preferred our high quality nylon lariats for more than 30 years. Our nylon lariats are more durable and consistent than imports and grass lariats made on traditional ropewalks and trolley machines.

  1. Braided Lariat

    Braided Lariat

    Braided Lariat is the fastest fiber rope from TEUFELBERGER in the arena.
  2. Kid Rope

    Kid Rope

    The Kid Rope is the ideal fiber rope from TEUFELBERGER for smaller hands of kid ropers or buckaroos. It is identified by fine red and blue tracers.
  3. Poly-Nylon Lariat

    Poly-Nylon Lariat

    The Poly-Nylon Lariat is designed for those who are looking for a little added weight in their lariat.
  4. Traditional Lariat

    Traditional Lariat

    The Traditional Lariat is our tournament rope designed with cowboys. It has superior abrasion resistance for long lasting, consistent performance.
  5. Unweighted Lariat

    Unweighted Lariat

    The Unweighted Lariat from TEUFELBERGER is the ideal lariat for those who are looking for a lighter weight lariat.
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