Mooring Lines

Safer, lighter, and a more durable alternative to wire, our synthetic mooring lines really give your business the lift it needs. Requiring much less manpower than wire lines, our synthetic mooring lines require less manpower, result in less stress-related injuries, and have a longer service life.

  1. Endura 12

    Endura 12

    Endura 12 is very high strength, low stretch, ultra-low creep line comprised of high molecular weight polyethylene fiber in a 12-strand construction.
  2. Holdfast


    Lightweight, high-strength, floating line that grips on H-bitts and capstans much better than 100% HMPE. Excellent for mooring lines and tug tow lines...
  3. Nylon Double Braid

    Nylon Double Braid

    Nylon Double Braid’s elasticity makes it great for docking and mooring lines because of its ability to absorb energy.
  4. Mega Braid

    Mega Braid

    Mega Braid’s 12-strand single braid construction offers the perfect combination of superb handling, excellent strength and controlled elongation...
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