Compacted strands for best performances

High breaking force, good wear resistance, good fleet angle resistance, good crushing resistance.

With plastic filling for better stability and resistance to fleet angles, better fatigue life, higher breaking force.


Compacted strands


6 or 8 or 9 or 10 outer strands

Conventional or Plastic filling

Regular or Lang Lay

Wires coating: Galvanised or Ungalvanised or Zn95Al5

Reference standards: EN 12385 – 4, API std 9/A C.I.

Good wear and fatigue resistance, long life and good handling simplicity - these are the main characteristics of Pack 9P wire rope. Designed with outer compacted strands, Pack 9P ropes are recommended for heavy applications such as hoisting, off-shore winches, risers tensioning, anchoring etc.  Is available with 6/8/9 or 10 strands and a plastic-coated core for an even better fleet angle resistance and a higher breaking force. Good rotation stability and first-class strength – Pack 9P is reliable and trustworthy. In any application.

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