Gru Portuali Mobili

The growing volume of goods transported worldwide is an increasing challenge for port terminal operators. Mobile harbor cranes play an important role when it comes to loading and unloading ships efficiently, quickly and safely. The key element of a mobile harbor crane is a powerful and reliable TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire rope.

Customers worldwide are satisfied

TEUFELBERGER offers 8-strand high performance steel wire ropes that are successfully used, among others, on mobile harbor cranes. By means of our steel wire ropes used as hoist ropes on mobile harbor cranes move containers of any type, size and weight, day and night.  


TEUFELBERGER hoist and closing ropes for mobile harbor cranes are delivered with the plastic-impregnated steel core PLASTFILL® providing corrosion protection and thus ensuring that the rope is applied safely throughout its service life.  These constructions are available either galvanized or bright, as required.

Custom-made rope end terminations make each high performance steel wire rope for harbor mobile cranes complete. The certified weld on reeving termination “TEUFELBERGER Pull-Eye” makes the installation of the steel wire rope on the harbor mobile crane safe and easy. 

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