Vehicle body profiles

Hollow profiles made of fiber reinforced plastic materials for vehicle body structures

Both grid-frame bodies (e.g., lattices tubular frames in sports cars and commercial vehicles) as well as self-supporting bodies (so-called monocoques or space frames) use a large number of hollow profile structures made of steel or aluminum.

In segments where lightweighting plays an important role (e.g., motorsports, premium automotive, electric vehicles), fiber reinforced plastic assemblies are used with increasing frequency. Supersports cars (e.g., McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche), F1 race cars, and to some extent also electric cars (e.g., BMW i3) are even built on all-CFRP monocoques. 

TEUFELBERGER specializes in hollow profile components made from carbon fiber reinforced plastics and designed for use in lightweighted vehicle body structures. In this connection, we score valuable points not only with our lightweighted components, but also with their improved crash characteristics.

This includes components such as A-pillars, roof pillars, cowl frames, sills 

In recent years, TEUFELBERGER has gained considerable experience in developing and producing hollow vehicle body profiles from carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

In customer projects, our main role was that of a manufacturer of braided preforms working together with Tier 1 suppliers. They went on to integrate our semi-finished products into a CFRP monocoque structure in an RTM process. Those so-called preforms were processed into CFRP A-pillars, roof pillars, and cowl frames. 

Today, we are able to offer complete RTM hollow profiles in a braided carbon fiber structure. Our universal T-Igel® force transmission element permits the simple and safe connection of CFRP hollow profiles to the remaining, metallic frame structure.

Especially for crash components (e.g., sills, crash boxes), a braided structure of carbon fibers offers an extremely high energy absorption capacity. This way, you get light weight and safety in one package.

At TEUFELBERGER, our know-how regarding various core materials and core technologies (e.g., soluble sand cores, but also lost cores) is your ticket to maximum lightweighting at reasonable material costs. We also offer you unrivaled experience in simulating and calculating braided carbon fiber and glass fiber structures in pre-series development.

And, we are a quality-driven and experienced partner for our customers when it comes to series production.