The RC44 class is counting on FSE Robline®

The annual RC44 Championship Tour is one of the top series on the international yacht racing circuit. In the highly competitive races, the right cordage is very important in order to be able to shine. Therefore the team behind FSE Robline® and the RC44 class are developing jointly the right cordage for the races.

Since its launch in 2007, the RC44 class has established a reputation for its top-level racing and international sailing regattas. The RC44 Championship Tour consists of two elements – “fleet racing” and “match racing”. In order to be able to join this event, elite sailors as well as amateur drivers come together in the most beautiful and diverse venues around the world.

This year, for its ninth anniversary, teams from Great Britain, Sweden, Russia and France, among other, are competing against each other. In order that Championship Tours like the RC44 class work smoothly, a strong partner is needed when it comes to the question of the right cordage.

We are very proud that our sailing brand FSE Robline® with its high-performance products is an official supplier of the highly competitive RC44 class for the first time this year.
Sailing pros from all parts of the world rely on our high-performance ropes from FSE Robline®. Our experience in producing high-quality products as well as ongoing development in close cooperation with our customers have made us a strong leader in the yachting rope business.

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Photocredits: Martinez Studio / RC44 Class Association