TEUFELBERGER contributes essential insights to the development of the FEM Guideline 5.024 for "the safe use of high performance fiber ropes in mobile crane applications"

The FEM Guideline 5.024 is the first-ever published official guideline worldwide on the design, use, operation, and testing of high strength fiber crane ropes.

TEUFELBERGER and LIEBHERR, development partners for many years and, thanks to the soLITE® high strength fiber rope for cranes, global technology leaders in this sector, contributed their vast expertise regarding the necessary product and certification tests. The insights which TEUFELBERGER obtained during the development of its soLITE® fiber rope with respect to the limitations of the use of fiber ropes on cranes such as design factor, fatigue life to point of discard, and which tests need to be conducted before a rope can be used, shaped the basis for drafting of the FEM Guideline 5.024. LIEBHERR also contributed its results and expertise from numerous in-depth crane tests.

For Christof Gstrein, Product Manager soLITE®, the publication of the FEM Guideline marks an important step forward: "This is a milestone and an important basis for the use of high strength fiber ropes on cranes“.

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