TEUFELBERGER continues expansion drive in Asia

TEUFELBERGER has acquired TexTech Cord., a Thailand-based company. With this move, TEUFELBERGER will significantly strengthen its position in Asia. TexTech Cord. is a well established manufacturer of high quality marine ropes.

For 225 years now, TEUFELBERGER has been Europe’s leading  specialist for steel wire and fiber ropes. Operating manufacturing sites in various countries and backed by a close-knit worldwide distribution network, the company can now legitimately claim to be a global player. That said, TEUFELBERGER has, so far, not had direct access to Asia’s growth markets. By acquiring the Thailand-based fiber rope manufacturer, TEUFELBERGER has now filled this gap. With a staff of 40, TexTech produces fiber ropes of polypropylene, nylon, and polyester, especially for applications in the Sailing and Yachting segment. Not only TexTech’s manufacturing site, which meets the highest international quality and industry standards, but also its extensive distribution network throughout Asia and Australia has made this company so interesting to TEUFELBERGER. After all, Australia is one of the biggest markets for the Sailing & Yachting segment. CEO Florian Teufelberger is convinced that “with its 15 years of experience in the fiber rope business and its loyal customer base, TexTech will contribute substantially toward TEUFELBERGER's long-term success, not only in Asia, but also in the rest of the world”. Florian Teufelberger does not expect any major cultural problems because “this company was established by business people from Switzerland so that by now everybody has already adopted the Central European work ethic”.

Strengthening the Sailing & Yachting Unit

The sport of sailing and yachting represents a core market for the fiber ropes of TEUFELBERGER’s Fiber Rope Division. The enormous diversity of existing boat types and their different kinds of use require an extensive portfolio of ropes with highly application-specific characteristics. Generally, ropes always consist of a core and a cover, both of which can be designed and combined in a variety of configurations. In close cooperation with pro sailors, TEUFELBERGER has, in the course of several decades, developed a wide-ranging portfolio of premium quality products, which is now enlarged further through the addition of the TexTech product range. “The location in Thailand will be handling a share of the costly rope finishing work. In the world of sailing and yachting, the resulting products are known as 'spliced products’ “, explains Rainer Morawa, Managing Director of the Fiber Rope Division. This enlargement of our product portfolio is not only highly attractive to the Asian market, but will also strengthen TEUFELBERGER’s position as the leading specialist for sailing and yachting cordage in its already established markets in the U.S., in Europe, and in New Zealand.