Tension and compression struts (tie rods)

Together with Hirschmann, our strategic partner from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, we have developed ultra-lightweight titanium CFRP tension/compression struts (tie rods) including optional titanium/aluminum spherical bearings. Depending on your needs, they can be used as ultra-lightweight struttings for aircraft or helicopter fuselages, cabins, wings, and doors.

In the case of highly rigid tension and compression struts made of fiber reinforced plastic materials, it is particularly important to arrange the fibers such that they are oriented exactly in the direction of the load and to engineer the transmission of forces into the ultra-lightweight structure in the best possible way. Where compression struts are concerned, an additional challenge is to create a geometrically optimized strut structure for enhanced buckling resistance. With its new T-Igel® struts, TEUFELBERGER offers the ideal custom-tailored solutions for these tasks.   

Ultra-lightweight tension/compression struts made of carbon fiber composites are employed wherever metals reach their limits due to an insufficient ratio between rigidity and weight (referred to as specific rigidity). In many cases, using CFRP makes it possible to reduce component costs as compared to titanium and high strength aluminum alloys.When considering that far more than 100 different tie rods are installed in an aircraft, a weight reduction by several 100 grams per tie rod opens up an enormous lightweighting potential ultimately allowing greater payloads or enhancing fuel efficiency.  

For the latest generation of T-Igel® tension and compression struts developed in cooperation with spherical bearing specialist Hirschmann, an intelligent combination of different manufacturing methods is used. This was the first time that we worked with 3D printed titanium end pieces used for the transmission of forces and as bearing seat for the ultra-lightweight titanium/aluminum spherical bearings from Hirschmann.

By ideally combining standard components, TEUFELBERGER tailors the design of the T-Igel® struts exactly to customer requirements. Strut shape, diameter, lengths, fiber composite and core materials, as well as end piece geometry are attuned to one another in a way that makes it possible to get maximum lightweighting value for minimum lightweighting money.Particularly high levels of buckling resistance can be attained by giving the struts an arched shape. This geometrical freedom in designing hollow structures becomes possible by combining braiding and RTM technologies. At particularly critical locations, local UD windings prevent the microscopic buckling of fibers under compressive stress.