Struts and control arms

Struts and control arms of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for chassis and vehicle body

The chassis, the steering system, and the vehicle body include a variety of elongate stiffening and coupling structures (transverse and multipoint control arms, coupling rods, steering linkages, chassis struts, strut braces, etc.).  In their conventional steel versions, these components taken together add considerably to the vehicle's total weight. The use of struts and control arms made of lightweight fiber composite materials in combination with T-Igel® force-transmitting connections enables cost-optimized lightweighting in vehicles.  

When it comes to lightweighted struts and control arms, the main challenge is the reliable transmission of forces into the fiber composite structure. For this task, TEUFELBERGER, with its T-Igel® connection, provides a suitable and universally utilizable solution for the applications of our customers. Where solutions include spherical bearings, we work together with Hirschmann, a company based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.     

At TEUFELBERGER, struts and control arms of carbon fiber reinforced plastic are manufactured by employing an intelligent mix of technologies. And, the hybrid metal & plastic structure enables cost-optimized lightweight design:

  • Struts and steering bodies in braiding/RTM technology: This makes high longitudinal stiffness (high fiber contents in longitudinal component axis) and short cycle times possible. In addition, the buckling resistance can be adapted to customer requirements by using a cambered design.
  • T-Igel® connection for the ideal and safe transmission of forces: The metallic T-Igel® end pieces can be designed as having any given connection geometry (eye, fork, thread, etc.). The subsequent pressing in of spherical bearings from Hirschmann is possible. T-Igel® end pieces can also be manufactured by 3D printing.   
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