Ultra-lightweight CFRP stabilizers for premium automotive applications 

At TEUFELBERGER, CFRP stabilizers are manufactured in RTM technology.  We combine braided carbon fiber torsion bars with aluminum or CFRP levers to form ultra-lightweight stabilizers for front and rear axles.  In recent years, TEUFELBERGER has gained a wealth of experience in component development and in the series production of stabilizers for Tier 1 and OEM customers.     

Product certifications:
The stabilizers developed by us undergo comprehensive testing (e.g. spring rate testing to PTL15401) and are manufactured to customer specifications.  

Stabilizers made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic boast extremely low weight as compared to conventional steel stabilizers. In addition, the fiber composite structure makes it possible to accurately adjust torsional stiffness (spring rate) for a given design space. The response during cornering can be adjusted precisely to the torsional rigidity of the chassis.

Thus, depending on the customer's requests, the characteristics can be adapted to the different requirements of motorsports, or the passenger car or commercial vehicle sector.

Carbon fiber stabilizers from TEUFELBERGER can be produced either as multi-component hybrid structures (e.g. with aluminum levers), as CFRP-only structures, or as single-component CFRP structures. In the multi-component design, the joining method employed is adhesive bonding, our T-Igel® connection, or a co-curing method.    

The Porsche 918 Spyder project is an example of the successful use of a CFRP stabilizer. For this project, TEUFELBERGER qualified successfully as Tier 1 series supplier for the hybrid CFRP aluminum rear axle stabilizer.

TEUFELBERGER was responsible for product optimization, process development, and the complete validation and production of hybrid composite components including full accountability for quality.

This stabilizer combines different manufacturing technologies such as braiding and RTM as well as structural adhesive bonding of aluminum levers (incl. form fit). Based on installation space requirements provided by the customer, the CFRP stabilizers, having a length of 800 mm, a diameter of 29 mm, and a wall thickness of 3 mm, were dimensioned exactly for a spring rate of 52.5 N/mm.

The aim of this flagship project was a solution providing maximum lightweighting combined with optimum driving characteristics. The result speaks for itself. Its total weight of 710 g currently makes our CFRP stabilizer the "best in class". Altogether, TEUFELBERGER delivered about 500 pieces of this product to Porsche for its Weissach Edition.

Our composite stabilizers are used for:

  • Motorsports 
  • Passenger cars 
  • Commercial vehicles

The following variations are available from our stabilizers:

  • Multi-component hybrid structure (e.g., CFRP aluminum) 
  • Multi-component carbon fiber structure 
  • Single-component carbon fiber structu
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