Shafts & rollers

Shafts and rollers made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics for use in mechanical engineering

Ultra-lightweight composite fiber solutions are used especially where shafts for high rotational speeds, acceleration and deceleration torques are needed. With CFRP, enormous torsional and flexural rigidity can be achieved which, beyond a certain roller size, would no longer be possible when using conventional metal components.  In rollers made of fiber reinforced plastics, the main challenge is the transmission of forces into the ultra-lightweight structure.  This is where TEUFELBERGER's patented T-Igel® connection comes in: a safe and simple solution. 
TEUFELBERGER supports you with your projects, from component design all the way to series production.

TEUFELBERGER develops and manufactures custom-optimized composite shafts with metallic T-Igel® flanges for the transmission of forces. The available in-house manufacturing technologies (braiding, winding, RTM, T-Igel®) and the extensive database for characteristic values of various fiber structures help us come up with optimized solutions for CFRP shafts featuring superior component properties. Our experience in component dimensioning and FE calculation supports these processes.

CFRP shafts from TEUFELBERGER wow customers with their adjustability of defined properties for torsional and longitudinal rigidity for different torques and rotational speeds in combination with a damage-tolerant crash behavior. Furthermore, T-Igel® permits cost-optimized lightweighting for high-volume components in the machinery and plant engineering sector.

There are many possibilities for use in mechanical engineering. For example, for machinery intended for the packaging industry, but also for printing and papermaking machines. However, our products are in demand primarily wherever low weight meets high acceleration and velocities.