PS 610 F

Hauling rope

The 6-strand hauling rope PS 610 F from TEUFELBERGER is used wherever extremely wear resistant steel wire ropes are needed. 


Certifications: EN12385-6; other certificates gladly provided on request

The extreme conditions of use in inclined elevators are a special challenge for steel wire ropes. On the one hand, the rope must be flexible and stable enough to perform in multilayer spooling in the long run. On the other hand, the rope must be extremely resistant to wear, as it is constantly dragged on the ground or via pulleys. The 6-strand round strand rope PS 610 F from TEUFELBERGER lives up to these requirements.

Of course, this 6-strand hauling rope can be individually adapted to the respective requirements. Only such an appropriate adjustment of the hauling rope will ensure that the design is optimally balanced in terms of wear, service life, breaking load, etc. 

PS 610 F from TEUFELBERGER excels due to:

  • Extra big outer wires to withstand external influences over the long term
  • Outer strands compacted by means of SUPERFILL® technology making the rope extremely resistant to wear.
  • Good dimensional stability under lateral pressure ensuring suitability for use in multilayer spooling
  • Breakproof plastic compound core
  • Permanently greased fiber core without leakage of grease
  • Good flexibility and resistance to shock loads 
Minimum breaking force at a tensile strength of 1770 N/mm²
22 2.10 375
26 2.75 517
29 3.70 643
36 5.25 955
40 6.47 1 232
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