Development and production of prototypes

Component series in low piece numbers or lot size 1 are generally referred to as prototypes. Prototypes essentially serve the purpose of validating the component properties of a subsequent series-production component in various tests.  Especially in the field of automotive engineering, particular attention is devoted to this pre-series and validation phase.

TEUFELBERGER makes both visual and functional demonstrators, however, also takes economic aspects into account for either one of these types of prototype. Mere visual demonstrators can be manufactured by using different fiber composite technologies. Here, the main focus is on demonstrating the design and the lightweight potential with fiber composites. In the case of functional demonstrators, the technical and economic validation of the subsequent series production process is included in production planning. The functionality of the prototype must already coincide fully with that of the series-produced part.

TEUFELBERGER has many years of experience in developing and producing prototypes from fiber reinforced plastics for a variety of customer segments (automotive engineering, aerospace, mechanical engineering, etc.). Depending on customer requirements, the best-suited manufacturing concept will be employed for the production of prototype.

For its prototypes, TEUFELBERGER relies on a variety of manufacturing technologies. This way, we have gained extensive experience with cost-optimized prototype tools. Depending on prototype specifications, the following methods are used:

  • RTM/RTM light (Resin Transfer Molding) with braided preforms
  • vacuum infusion
  • filament winding
  • prepreg 

We at TEUFELBERGER, offer you competent support from the first component concept to prototyping and through to series production.