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Our innovative inspection software supports TEUFELBERGER customers worldwide!
Transform the way you manage your PPE equipment. Inspect, control your inventory, add new products in seconds with Papertrail's digital inspection management platform.

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Just for you:

Experience the easy way of PPE management and many unique benefits for TEUFELBERGER customers.

  • Inspection checklists

  • Equipment care guidelines

  • Fast product entry via scan or search (coming soon)

  • All TEUFELBERGER products available in Papertrail‘s PPE Directory

  • 12 month‘s subscription free for TEUFELBERGER customers

  • Useable for all brands

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Your benefits compared to conventional Safety Management Systems:

Time saving:No more paper forms or manual spreadsheets, Papertrail lets you conduct your inspections and record the data in seconds.

Simple compliance: With a full inspection history for every piece of equipment, Papertrail makes proving compliance with safety regulations simple.

Mobile efficiency: Papertrail lets you and your team spend more time in the field, and less in the office. Conduct your inspections on the move, and manage your inspection programme from wherever you are.

Unique Benefits for TEUFELBERGER customers: Inspection checklists, equipment care guides, fast TEUFELBERGER product entry, and many more

Feature Paper Records Spreadsheet papertrail
Fireproof NO NO YES
Waterproof NO NO YES
Easy to use NO YES YES
Environmentally friendly NO YES YES
100% Secure NO NO YES
100% Accountability NO NO YES
Never miss an inspection NO NO YES
Equipment history at a gance NO NO YES
Designed for outdoors NO NO YES
Expert training and support NO NO YES

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Download Papertrail App   Download Papertrail App

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