Strapping hand tools

T-Shark, the complete range of light and durable plastic strapping hand tools for PP and PET straps.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed hand tools for everyday use. The battery-powered T-Shark products fit comfortably and securely in the hand, and the product range offers the right device for every application. Whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic settings with the T-Shark devices, you are exactly right.

With a strap width of 9 to 32 mm and tensioning force of 240 N to 6,500 N, everything has been thought of and T-Sharks are suitable for all common PP and PET strapping. The soft modes of the devices offer particularly gentle strapping for sensitive goods. The integrated digital display helps to keep the most important parameters - tension force, sealing time and battery charge level - always in view. Thanks to the preset levels, the tensioning speeds can be selected quickly and easily.

  1. The T-Shark® GP, the battery strapping tool for light applications.

    T-Shark® GP

    Hand strapping tool for the most common 9-16mm plastic straps.
  2. The T-Shark® HT, the battery strapping tool for a wide range of applications.

    T-Shark® HT

    Hand strapping tool for the most common plastic straps with a width of 10 – 16 mm.
  3. The T-Shark® HD, the battery strapping tool for heavy duty applications.

    T-Shark® HD

    Hand strapping tool for plastic strapping for technical applications in the strap range 16 – 19 mm.
  4. The T-Shark® XTend, the battery strapping tool for demanding heavy-duty applications.

    T-Shark® XTend

    The hand strapping tool for heavy duty applications with strap widths of 25 - 32 mm.
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  • Maintenance-free thanks to brushless motor
  • Durable
  • Automatic switch-off - gentle on the battery and economical



  • Lightweight and balanced to prevent fatigue
  • Visible and audible indication that the cycle is complete. Prevents premature removal of the device
  • Lockable display to prevent input tampering



  • Quick and easy to use; Intuitive application for immediate use
  • Robust and powerful for maximum weld strength
  • High and constant strap tension for a perfect result
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