TEWE® polypropylene strapping

In order to package and transport products made of different materials and in varying sizes and shapes securely, you need a stable and reliable transport packaging solution. Together with you, we develop the ideal strapping solution for your intended use. We offer you all standard PP strapping types such as 12 mm (1/2”) and 16 mm (5/8”) wide strapping. In case you need customized strapping for your specific applications, we will be happy to develop custom-tailored solutions beyond the usual standards. 

  1. TEWE® SoPRIM®


    Polypropylene Strapping, 5mm (3/16") wide for all fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools. What makes it special
  2. TEWE® S-Band 4-6 mm

    TEWE® S-Band 4-6 mm

    Polypropylene strapping, 4-6 mm (1/6” – 1/4") wide, for all conventional strapping machines
  3. TEWE® A-Band 7-19 mm

    TEWE® A-Band 7-19 mm

    Polypropylene strapping, 7-19 mm (1/4” - 3/4") wide, for all conventional strapping machines
  4. TEWE® Special Band

    TEWE® Special Band

    Polypropylene strapping featuring extremely low or very high elongation and suitable for all conventional strapping machines
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TEWE® polypropylene strapping

TEWE® polypropylene strapping features consistently high quality, high breaking strength, and small manufacturing tolerances. This is how it guarantees a smooth strapping process. The excellent rigidity of the strapping and perfect running characteristics prepare the ground for extremely high speeds and optimized cycle times. Thanks to special embossing techniques, TEWE® polypropylene strapping will run on your machines with close-to-zero abrasion.

TEWE® polypropylene strapping features the following advantages:

  • low maintenance and failure-free strapping
  • reliable protection of your packaged goods
  • economically and technically the best solution for your strapping purpose
  • smart supply management (from order placement to delivery)

For all standard strapping machines

TEWE® PP strapping is suited for all standard strapping machines such as those from CMR, Cyklop, Delonca, Endra, Itipack, Messersi, Mosca, OMS, Reisopack, Sander, Signode, SMB, SOB, Strapack, Strapex, Titan, or Transpak.

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