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Printed strappings made from polypropylene and polyester

Using printed strapping from TEUFELBERGER even allows you to brand your goods for transport. This way, you can convey your marketing messages to the general public. However, printed PET or PP strapping can not only feature printed brand logos but also proof-of-origin information for the foodstuffs industry. Furthermore, it is used as a means to prevent theft while the goods are transported to shops but also in the shops themselves.

  1. HQ Inkjet – printed polyester strap

    HQ Inkjet – printed polyester strap

    Polyester strapping, 9-32 mm (3/8” – 1 1/4") wide, with black print for all standard strapping machines
  2. HQ Mono – printed polypropylene strap

    HQ Mono – printed polypropylene strap

    Polypropylene strapping, 8-16 mm (1/3” – 5/8”) wide, with single-color print for all conventional strapping machines
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Our HQ Printing solution will make you look no further

  • Your individual message on the strap
    Individualize your own strapping
  • Theft protection
    Protect your product against counterfeiting and theft
  • Proof of product origin
    Indicate where your products are coming from, and make sure that their quality can be easily identified

The demand for printed strapping is increasing constantly. In order to best cater to the different needs of customers, we offer you three options for printing information on strapping. Whatever your needs, we have the ideal solution for you:

 HQ Inkjet HQ Mono 
Color of strapping opaque-green white, black, blue, yellow
Printing color(s) black single-colored (limited list)
Printing length/repeat unlimited 385 mm
Use of cliché not necessary necessary
Dimensions of strapping 9 - 32 mm 3/8" - 1 1/4" 8, 9, 12, 12.7,
15,16 mm

1/3", 3/8", 1/2",
9/16", 5/8"

Core 406 x 148 mm 16 x 6" 200 x 190 mm 8 x 8"
    280 x 190 mm 11 x 8"
    406 x 145 mm 16 x 6"
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Our experts will assist you in finding the ideal strapping and printing solution for your specific application.

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