Your Added Value

1)    Low maintenance and failure-free strapping processes

TEWE® polypropylen strapping and TYCOON® polyester strapping ensure low maintenance and failure-free strapping processes in your manufacturing facility. Consistently high quality, smallest manufacturing tolerances, and high conveying rigidity permit trouble-free processing on fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools. 

We achieve these ideal running characteristics through extremely thorough quality control mechanisms that are applied from the time when the raw materials are purchased. Meticulous tests and inspections conducted during and after the production of our strapping make worry-free strapping a reality.

2)    Reliable protection for your packaged goods

Your transport packaging is the first point of contact with your customers. Therefore, it is all the more important to leave a good impression by delivering the product packaged in a stable and reliable way. 

Influencing factors during storage and transport may have an impact on your packaging. Vibrations, temperature differences, and sunlight have adverse effects on pallet strapping stability. Teufelberger PP and PET strapping offer an ideal shock reserve. Hence, they are able to absorb dynamic loads during transport. This way, they provide reliable protection for your packaged goods. 

3)    The economically and technically best solution for your application 

Different applications and products require different strapping solutions. Our vast range of polypropylene and polyester strapping products enables us to find, together with you, the economically and technically best solution. Our international team of experts will be happy to provide advice. If necessary, we also offer customized solutions beyond the usual standards.

Our application engineers are at your disposal for free and prompt technical support. We analyze your specific situation at your site, carry out technical evaluations, and, if necessary, make adaptations to existing strapping systems. In order to ensure the smooth processing of new products, we take samples and conduct field tests.

Our research & development team continues to develop new products and technologies to maintain our technological leadership also in days to come. All these factors contribute to making us the right partner for you, now and in the future.

4)    Smart supply management (from order placement to delivery)

Smart supply management at Teufelberger ensures that you get your goods on time and as fast as possible. Our large warehouse ensures constant product availability and sustainable supply, also in times of raw material shortages. We also offer our partners direct deliveries, warehousing, express shipments, and defined delivery plans to help you supply your customers as swiftly as possible. Our competent team will be happy to provide advice in the language of your country.

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