Vehicle construction

The wide range of possible applications for lightweight engineering in the vehicle construction segment is driven particularly by EU legislation which demands a dramatic reduction of pollutant emissions (95g/km CO2 on average by 2020). Manufacturers are facing penalty payments, should the CO2 reduction targets not be reached. But also in non-polluting electric vehicles, the additional weight of the batteries needs to be compensated by reducing the weight in the vehicle.

Since 2008, TEUFELBERGER has supported suppliers (Tier1) and manufacturers (OEM) of the automotive industry with intelligent lightweight solutions made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics. In our efforts for the development and production of components, we work together closely with customers from the Motorsports, Premium Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, and Special Vehicles segments. Component quantities from 1 to 25,000 pieces/year can be produced with the existing manufacturing equipment at our production site in Wels.    

The team from Composite focuses particularly on lightweight hollow structures for vehicle bodies and chassis. Unlike steel and aluminum structures, these components also perform other functions apart from reducing weight:

  • Improvement of the vehicle's torsional rigidity (e.g., roof pillar, cowl frame, A-pillar, cross member)  
  • Improvement of the vehicle's cornering stability (e.g., stabilizer, axle linkage, damper)
  • Improvement of vibration damping in drive train (z.B. cardan shafts)
  • Improvement of crash characteristics (e.g. lateral and front crash elements)

Obviously, the manufacturing costs play a key role in the vehicle construction segment. Due to its high degree of automation and low amounts of generated wastes, the braiding technology is the method of choice, even for complexly shaped hollow structures, when your aim is cost-optimized lightweighting.  By building on RTM (resin transfer molding) and patented T-Igel® technology for connecting carbon fiber components to metallic structures, TEUFELBERGER is able to produce finished lightweighted assemblies of top quality for its customers. 

  1. Stabilizers


    Ultra-lightweight CFRP stabilizers for premium automotive applications 
  2. Drive shafts

    Drive shafts

    Carbon fiber T-Igel® drive and prop shafts for race cars, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles
  3. Cross members

    Cross members

    Carbon fiber composite cross member structures including T-Igel® composite-to-metal connections
  4. Struts and control arms

    Struts and control arms

    Struts and control arms of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for chassis and vehicle body
  5. Vehicle body profiles

    Vehicle body profiles

    Hollow profiles made of fiber reinforced plastic materials for vehicle body structures
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