Mechanical engineering

Shorter cycle times place ever-greater demands on machinery components in terms of rigidity and damping behavior.  At high line speeds, metallic lightweighting materials such as aluminum are increasingly reaching their strength limits. The required precision at varying ambient temperatures can only be achieved by materials exhibiting only minimal thermal expansion. Resistance to chemicals and specific electric characteristics are required for various types of use.

Often, these requirements can only be met by carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic components. This material class is characterized not only by low weight, but also by enormous rigidity, excellent damping behavior, good fatigue strength, high resistance to chemicals, X-ray transparency, adjustable electric properties, minimal thermal expansion, etc.

TEUFELBERGER is the go-to specialist for fiber composite solutions for tubes, shafts, rollers, struts, and entire frame structures.  For this, we use primarily our patented T-Igel® connection for the transmission of forces into the carbon fiber composite structure.

The components are manufactured in a cost-optimized manner in the RTM process. In it, braided carbon fiber structures but also wound fiber structures and embroidered fabrics (TFP) are used as textile reinforcement structures. The respective composite fibers (carbon fibers, glass fibers, aramid fibers, basalt fibers, etc.) are used flexibly according to customer specifications and property profiles. Since we understand the needs of our customers, we find the solution that is best suited for any of your applications. 

Application examples of fiber composite components from TEUFELBERGER in mechanical engineering:

  • Fast rotating and accelerated carbon fiber rollers with T-Igel® flanges
  • Carbon fiber robot arms and gripper systems
  • Carbon fiber profiles for fast moving component sorting systems
  • Tension and compression struts (tie rods) made of carbon fibers with T-Igel® end pieces including spherical bearings
  • Electrically insulating glass fiber drive shafts and clutches
  • Entire carbon fiber lattice mast structures for vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Carbon fiber booms for lifting and positioning purposes
  • Carbon fiber end effectors and pick-up devices having high vibrational rigidity   

At TEUFELBERGER, a team of fiber composite experts, designers and calculation engineers supports you in developing your components in a manner that is compatible with design and manufacturing. Our project engineers will accompany you all the way to series production

  1. Shafts & rollers

    Shafts & rollers

    Shafts and rollers made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics for use in mechanical engineering
  2. Tension and compression struts (tie rods)

    Tension and compression struts (tie rods)

    Ultra-lightweight T-Igel® tension and compression struts made of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics 
  3. Grid frames / Trusses

    Grid frames / Trusses

    Lightweight grid frame structures made of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles
  4. Structural profiles

    Structural profiles

    Ultra-lightweight and flexurally rigid CFRP hollow profiles for use in mechanical engineering
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