The material class of fiber reinforced plastics has meanwhile become an inseparable part of the aerospace industry. This segment continues to be the biggest consumer of carbon fibers and epoxy resins.

Apart from their low weight, high specific rigidity, good corrosion resistance, and high operational stability are important reasons for the use of carbon fiber components in aircraft fuselages, wings, and cabin interiors.

Also helicopters and UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles or drones) consist, to a large extent (of way over 50%), of carbon fiber components.

In the Aerospace segment, TEUFELBERGER specializes primarily in structural RTM components used to absorb tension and compression forces as well as torsional moments. Most importantly, this includes the titanium/CFRP tension/compression struts (tie rods) developed together with our partner Hirschmann including optional spherical titanium/aluminum bearings.  Depending on customer requests, they can be used as ultra-lightweight struts in aircraft and helicopter fuselages, cabins, wings, and doors.

In the Aerospace segment, RTM components made of a braided carbon fiber structure are also perfectly suited for use as ultra-lightweight drive shafts.  The required torsional moments combined with high flexural rigidity and impact requirements are provided exceptionally well by high longitudinal fiber contents in the braided structure. An important step toward cost-optimized lightweighting in the Aerospace industry! Benefit from our customized solutions.

Apart from the braided structures, also our T-IGEL® connection has gained ever-increasing recognition as quality-assured and cost-optimized force transmission solution for tensile, compressive, and torsional forces.

Especially in combination with adhesive bonds created by the RTM epoxy resin and a specially developed geometrical form fit at the metallic end piece, TEUFELBERGER has successfully moved on from conventional adhesive bonded and riveted connections.        

From dimensioning to joint qualifying together with the customer and through to the finished component, TEUFELBERGER provides everything from a single source. Especially our high quality standards and long-standing experience in safety-relevant products within the TEUFELBERGER Group (e.g., climbing harnesses) have allowed us to cater to the needs of customers from the Aerospace segment in the best way possible. In cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop and manufacture products custom-tailored to each specific application.

  1. Drive shafts

    Drive shafts

    Lightweighted drive shafts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics for the aerospace industry
  2. Tension and compression struts (tie rods)

    Tension and compression struts (tie rods)

    Together with Hirschmann, our strategic partner from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, we have developed ultra-lightweight titanium CFRP tension/compre...
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