Hoist rope and dragline

The rough operating conditions of rope excavators in gravel mining pose extraordinary challenges for steel wire ropes. TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire ropes used as hoist ropes and draglines in scraper installations have to be particularly flexible and resistant to shock-type loads and mechanical wear.   As the steel wire rope is in permanent contact with the water, a high degree of corrosion resistance is required. 

TEUFELBERGER supplies solutions customized to specific applications, both for hoist ropes and draglines for cable dredgers used as scrapers, and for draglines in special scraper installations. Customers operating in the field of gravel mining worldwide are satisfied with our high performance steel wire ropes.  

  1. PS610F


    The robust rope featuring SUPERFILL® compaction technology and PLASTFILL® insert excels as dragline in gravel mining and scraper installations...


    With its extreme resistance to negative external influences and outstanding all-round characteristics, the rope excels in building construction and ci...
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