Our Wire Rope app – SIDIS – is now available!

True to the motto “We care more for our customers”, we are pleased to introduce you to SIDIS, our first wire rope app to determine the discard status of your crane rope.

A crane rope's service life is limited depending on its specific type of use. Therefore, under certain conditions, these steel wire ropes need to be replaced. By inspecting the crane rope, one can determine its current state, that is, its discard status. In order to allow you to do that yourself fast and easily, we have developed a special app that helps you evaluate the discard status of your steel wire rope.

Our app – SIDIS – assists you in determining the current state of your crane rope and calculates its discard status according to the ISO 4309 standard.

SIDIS, our wire rope app, is free of charge and can be downloaded in the app stores of Android and iOS.

To download SIDIS, go to:

For more details about SIDIS, please visit our website at www.teufelberger.com/sidis

Photo credit: Designed by Dan_darius / Freepik