Multiline II

Rigging line

The Multiline II is a 3-strand rope for tree care from TEUFELBERGER which is very well suited for all applications in the field of rigging.


Standard: no standard
Core: polyester/polyolefin
Plait number: 3


Made in

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  • White

    All diameters

The rigging line Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope, constructed by twisting three strands of a blend of polyester and filaments around a polyolefin core.

The polyolefin core keeps the rope firm and round without adding weight, which improves abrasion resistance and handling. The blend of polyester and filaments gives our Multiline II its characteristic fuzzy feel and makes it easier to grip, even when wet. Also, Multiline II provides the most consistent supple feel over time of any commercially available twisted rope.

Our Multiline II is easily identified by its familiar two orange markers. The rigging line is available in sizes from 7.9 mm to more than 25.4 mm diameter. 

The benefits of Multiline II are:

  • Good grip and knot holding ability, even when wet
  • Excellent knot holding ability and good handling
  • Great ease of splicing
  • Consistently supple feel throughout the service life of the rope
Min. breaking strength, spliced
Min. breaking strength, spliced
12.70 1/2 2 270 5 100 100 6.70
15.90 5/8 3 780 9 500 155 10.40
19 3/4 4 500 10 100 216 14.50
22.20 7/8 5 780 13 000 266 17.90
25.40 1.00 6 900 15 500 314 21.10
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