More than 2,000 Euro for TREE AID project after only 3 months

In 2014, the organization TREE AID founded the project “Women’s Forest Livelihoods” that empowers women to manage their natural resources sustainably and plant more trees to restore their degraded forests. It also helps women to establish sustainable honey and shea butter businesses so they can earn an independent income and are able meet their basic needs such as food, medicine and school fees for their kids.

TEUFELBERGER supports the project since February 2015 with one Euro per sold SAVE TREES.SAVE LIFE T-Shirt. Angela Sipos, Business Manager for Tree Care explains: “For years, we have been very successful with our ropes and tree care products. However, we also consider it our responsibility to share our success with those who have less and to make a lasting contribution to protecting our environment. That’s why we are very happy that through the T-Shirts already 2.170 Euro could have been generated for the “Women’s Forest Livelihoods project within the last 3 months 

What happened in the project so far?

The project team initially helped the women to establish two tree nurseries and to plant 68,000 tree seedlings for re-forestation. Thanks to the learned skills, this year the women were able to build another nursery all by themselves and to seed another 25,000 seeds. Therefore the initial target of planting 84,000 trees was already reached and exceeded. Since the start of the project also almost 1,000 women have become members of Forest Management Groups and over 400 hectares of land has been transferred to these women’s groups.

The women’s beekeeping groups are up and running and have formed 12 village tree enterprises. Honey production has been on-going for the past year. The women are just beginning their training in shea nut collection and production. Therese Illy, a trainee said: “Thanks to support from TREE AID my family can now earn a small income from selling honey and shea butter, and the forest is recovering little by little. We hope that this support will be long-term so we can continue to help ourselves out of poverty.”

You want to support the project?

One Euro of every SAVE TREES.SAVE LIFE T-Shirt sold goes to the project. Or you can also support the project with a donation directly on the TREE AID Website with the reference code TEUF Corp Bu111: