Micro Rappel Kit

Evacuation system

The Micro Rappel Kit is an escape system consisting of a rappel harness, descender, 2 carabiners, Tech Cord, and usage log.


Standard: CI 1500, Does not meet CE standard
Core: Technora®
Cover: polyester 

Made in

Developed in collaboration with the "U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Center" for US Military Special Forces, the Micro Rappel Kit is a compact, lightweight two-mode system It converts from a belt to a harness in seconds.

Does not meet CE standard – not allowed to use as PPE in Europe.

The kit consists of a rappel harness, descender, 2 carabiners, usage log, instruction sheet, and 82 feet of 5mm Tech Cord with chafe guard. The Micro Rappel Kit is provided in an appropriate deployment bag.

The leg loops for the harness are stowed in the belt. To deploy, the user pulls the leg loops out from the side pouches in the belt, pulls them down the front, in-between the legs, loops them around to the back of the legs, and back up. The leg loops and belay loops are then connected to the included carabiners. The supplied deployment bag contains the rope, the carabiners, and the descender.

The Micro Rappel Kit provides a quick means of escape from any potentially volatile situation. However, its use requires special instruction and training.

Min. breaking strength, free length
Min. breaking strength, free length
5 3/16 23.40 1.57 2 090 4 700
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