Measures to prevent COVID-2019 taken [UPDATE]

The health of our employees, our customers and our business partners is an absolute priority for the Teufelberger company, which is why we quickly took clear measures to avoid COVID-19. At the same time, the maintenance of operational activities must be ensured as far as possible.

[UPDATE] After the lifting of the official exit restrictions as of May 4, personal contacts with our business partners in and from Austria can also be resumed at our locations in Austria. International contacts can be resumed in accordance with the currently valid travel restrictions. The generally applicable rules of conduct must be strictly observed.

Training events and participation in external events are canceled. Measures to prevent infections were communicated internally to all employees. For example, the canteen operation was staggered, disinfection dispensers were set up, etc.

We are confident that we have taken all possible precautions with the measures we have taken, but we ask for your understanding if the current absolutely necessary restrictions affect our cooperation.

We keep a close eye on current developments so that we can take further measures if necessary.