Mission statement for apprenticeship training at TEUFELBERGER

Together with the start into the new training year 2016/2017 at TEUFELBERGER, we adopted a new mission statement for the training of apprentices. The message of this mission statement is clear: We say Yes to first-rate training for our "next generation"!

This means that our instructors are called upon to take appropriate measures for the young apprentices and, together with the new generation, help shape the future of our company.

Currently, TEUFELBERGER is training 17 apprentices in five different apprenticeable occupations. For the training year 2017/2018, we are already looking for new apprentices interested in the following occupations:

  • Process technician
  • Plastics technician
  • Industrial clerk
  • Electrical technician

For detailed information regarding the training of apprentices at TEUFELBERGER, visit: https://www.teufelberger.com/de/karriere/lehre.html