HRC (Therma Shield Prusik)

Hitch cord

HRC (Therma Shield Prusik) from TEUFELBERGER is a highly heat resistant hitch cord consisting of Vectran®-Technora®/Nomex®.


Core: Vectran®
Cover: Technora®/Nomex®
Braid: 24 

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Our HRC (Therma Shield Prusik) consists of a heat resistant Technora® cover with spun-in Nomex® fibers. This mix of materials makes this hitch cord extremely resistant to heat and abrasion. The core consists of Vectran® fibers ensuring high breaking force and low stretch.

In addition, Therma Shield Prusik has great hand and provides maximum grip. And: it stays supple in use.

Hence, the main advantages of HRC are:

  • high melting point
  • no "glazing"
  • supple and grippy surface
  • long life
  • limited UV resistance
Min. breaking strength, free length
Min. breaking strength, free length
8 5/16 49.1 3.30 2 670 6 000
10 3/8 74.4 5 4 890 11 000
12 1/2 108.6 7.30 6,005 13 500
14 9/16 141.3 9.50 8 450 19 000
16 5/8 156.2 10.50 10 675 24 000
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