hipSTAR Flex

CElanyard becomes hipSTAR FLEX

CElanyard became hipSTAR FLEX.
hipSTAR Flex is a multifunctional and certified lanyard that capitalizes on the length adjustment advantages of the "Hitch Climber System".


  • Diameters: 11.5 mm (green) and 12.7 mm (orange)
  • Lengths: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 7 m, 10 m
  • Standards:
    • Ø 11.5 mm: EN 358/EN 795B/ANSI Z133/AS/NZS 1891.1/AS/NZS5532
    • Ø 12.7 mm: EN 358/EN 795B/ANSI Z133/AS/NZS 1891.1/AS/NZS5532
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CElanyard has always been ahead of its time and very popular. This is why arborists around the globe use the system and enjoy the benefits of this one-of-a-kind system.Committed to the safety and efficiency of tree climbers, we now took another step forward.
As the CElanyard is no longer certified to the European CE standard only, but also complies with additional certifications in line with the countries where it is used, we rebaptized it into hipSTAR FLEX 11.5mm!

Now, our hipSTAR FLEX 11.5mm is certified to:

  • EN 358
  • EN 795B
  • AS/NZS 5532
  • AS/NZS 1891.1
  • ANSI Z133

hipSTAR Flex 11.5 is certified with Valdotain 4+3 and Distel 5 wraps. hipSTAR Flex 12.7 is certified with Valdotain 4+3, Distel 5 wraps and Michoacan. The seams of the ends of the hipSTAR Flex come with TEUFELBERGER’s resin-based [tnt] seam protector technology. The 7 mm Ocean Dyneema® rope with stainless steel thimble is designed as an additional mounting point.

The following elements continue to be exchangeable:

  • Ocean Polyester e2e
  • Ocean Dyneema® Loop T
  • hipSTAR FLEX e2e

Our hipSTAR Flex is available in the following lengths: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 7 m, and 10 m.

The hipSTAR Flex from TEUFELBERGER can be used as follows:

Double configuration: 

Single configuration, together with the pulley:

Single configuration, together with the Thimble Loop:

In the following video, Taylor Hamel demonstrates how the hipSTAR Flex is applied:


Min. breaking strength
Min. breaking strength
11.50 7/16 2 500 5 620
12.70 1/2 2 500 5 620
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