High-strength fiber rope

The high strength fiber rope HyperTEN is thermally pre-stretched during production and therefore offers extremely low elongation and highest breaking forces, which make it perfectly suitable for steel wire rope replacement.


Cover: Polyester (HyperTEN Pro-P) or UHMWPE (HyperTEN Pro-U)

  • Core: Grey
  • Cover: Individual colors possible


  • Core: 12

  • Cover: 32

Made in

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  • HyperTEN



  • HyperTEN


    individual colors possible

HyperTEN is a high strength fiber rope made of UHMWPE (ultrahigh-molecular-weight-polyethylene) fibers that is available without any cover or with a Polyester (HyperTEN Pro-P) or UHMWPE (HyperTEN Pro-U) cover. Due to thermal stretching within the production process, the fiber characteristics are perfectly utilized and the rope has a closed, compact and stable structure. Extraordinarily high breaking forces exceeding those of steel wire ropes at only 1/7 of the weight combined with high abrasion resistance usually make a one to one substitution of steel wire ropes with the same diameter possible (incl. protective cover!). HyperTEN is also perfectly suited for overhead line construction and motor winches.


  • 7 times less weight than comparable steel wire ropes
  • Extremely high breaking force - higher than that of most steel wire ropes of the same diameter available in the market
  • No corrosion and/or soiling caused by rope grease
  • Reduced danger of injury, easy and quick handling
  • Very low initial and working stretch (already eliminated during production)
HyperTEN Rope-Diameter
HyperTEN Weight
HyperTEN Pro-P / Pro-U Core-Diameter
HyperTEN Pro-P Rope-Diameter
HyperTEN Pro-P Weight
HyperTEN Pro-U Rope-Diameter
HyperTEN Pro-U Weight
HyperTEN / HyperTEN Pro Min. breaking strength, spliced
3 9 3 5 20 5 15 21
5 19 5 7 42 7 31 40
6 26 6 8 57 8 44 50
7 36 7 9 77 9 58 70
8 49 8 10 98 10 72 90
9 60 9 11 109 11 84 94
10 64 10 12 127 12 96 115
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