High-strength fiber rope

The DuraTEN fiber rope is the perfect choice for applications where high breaking forces at minimal weight are required. This general purpose rope also offers high bending fatigue strength as well as abrasion resistance, and a long service life.


Cover: Polyester (DuraTEN Pro-P)

  • Core: Dark grey
  • Cover: Individual colors possible


  • Core: 12

  • Cover: 32

Made in

Color Images

  • DuraTEN


    Dark grey

  • DuraTEN


    individual colors possible

DuraTEN is a high strength fiber rope, made of UHMWPE (ultrahigh-molecular-weight-polyethylene) fibers. It offers a high breaking strength, has a high reverse bending fatigue strength, and a long service life. UHMWPE fibers are distinguished by their extremely high strength in comparison to their weight. Other characteristics of this high-end and very versatile fiber include: maximum abrasion resistance, low elongation, no water absorption, buoyancy and good UV resistance. DuraTEN is available without any core or optionally with a PES cover (DuraTEN Pro-P) and is especially suitable when used for drum, spill or vehicle winches, overhead line construction or as a mounting rope.


  • 7 times less weight than comparable steel wire ropes
  • High breaking force - higher than that of most steel wire ropes of the same diameter available in the market/li>
  • No corrosion and/or soiling caused by rope grease/li>
  • No danger of injury, easy and quick handling/li>
DuraTEN Rope-Diameter
DuraTEN Weight
DuraTEN Pro-P Core-Diameter
DuraTEN Pro-P Rope-Diameter
DuraTEN Pro-P Weight
DuraTEN / DuraTEN Pro Min. breaking strength, free length
5 15 5 7 30 21
6 20 6 8 40 35
7 27 7 9 56 43
8 34 8 10 65 55
9 44 9 11 78 72
10 54 10 12 88 85
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