Grid frames / Trusses

Lightweight grid frame structures made of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles

In the construction of cranes and in portals and cantilever arms used for infrastructure purpose, rigidity and weight requirements are of paramount importance. Composites make it happen!

Conventional grid frames consist of straight elements (chords, diagonal braces) connected to one another via nodes and are ideally only subjected to tensile and compressive loads. They are characterized by a high load carrying capacity paired with low weight.There are numerous applications for single-plane grid frames and space frames of steel and aluminum, such as domes and roofs, bridges, masts, cranes, latticed tubular frames for motor vehicles, and portals for machinery. Wherever extreme lightweighting and highly rigid structures are required (e.g., for portal milling machines, mobile cranes, measuring equipment, etc.), grid frames made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic profiles can also increasingly be encountered in mechanical engineering contexts.  This is where TEUFELBERGER has earned a reputation as a first-class one-stop supplier, especially with its intelligent node solutions.

TEUFELBERGER is the specialist for hybrid carbon fiber/metal tension and compression struts (tie rods). We use various node elements to intelligently combine these struts into an ultra-lightweight and highly rigid grid frame.  This makes it easy to create CFRP-only grid frames including CFRP nodes, dismantleable grid frames with metallic T-Igel® force-transmitting connections, or hybrid lightweighted grid frames with individual CFRP elements.  
We at TEUFELBERGER cater to specific customer requirements in a flexible and load-conforming manner and implement grid frame structures from the initial idea all the way to series production.
In our efforts, we never let material and manufacturing costs get out of hand.  An intelligent fiber mix (e.g., glass fiber and carbon fiber) as well as our patented T-Igel® connection technology make cost-optimized lightweighting a reality. What is more, TEUFELBERGER also stands for intelligent solutions in damage prevention and damage indication with regard to composites. We maximize the benefit for your customers.